What it's like to run for office while black

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I’ve recently gotten back into politics reporting. I wrote a piece about three gubernatorial candidates and a discussion they had during CBC week about running for office while black. It was an eye-opening conversation — especially in a country where most political candidates are white men — but the most compelling narrative centered around the careful calibration required of them in responding to racist attacks.

“We have to talk about this … but at the same time try to hold our people,” said [Andrew] Gillum, picking up where [Stacey] Abrams left off. He noted that he never dismisses the role of race in America, and that in politics “it feels like it’s on steroids.” But Gillum can go only so far in talking about it.

“It’s a line you can’t cross in calling it out because then you call the race card, or you pandered in some way or you’re trying to send some secret signal to somebody,” he said. “Well, so far in my race, it seems that my opponent and some of his friends are the only ones trying to send secret signals. But they’re not so secret.”

Within days after winning the Democratic primary, the racist attacks on Gillum heighted. On Aug. 29, his opponent Rob DeSantis told Floridians not to “monkey this up” by electing Gillum, before going on to refer to him as “articulate.” The next day, robocalls linked to a neo-Nazi group in Idaho began targeting Gillum as well.

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